Summary of 2016

2nd Jan 2017

In 2016 I seem to have stuck pretty much to my plan, which was to do more longer distance cruises, to enjoy day sailing, and maybe put less effort into racing.

Particular favourites were the two trips to Shoreham, doing the Owers Race, and sailing Elsa in the river with a load of small kids aboard during Cadet Week.

Having said that, we've had some particularly fun races, especially round the cans among the dinghies in the club Jubilee race and in Barts Bash. Later in the year we seemed to be very competitive with my friend Ron in Cabre and that's inspired me to get a new mainsail ordered ready for 2017!

Over winter I intend to re-paint the rudder blade, maybe varnish some woodwork, and figure out how to rig and control the new loose-footed mainsail when it arrives.

For 2016 the logbook shows:

19 trips out to sea
165 NM covered
2 nights aboard, both in Shoreham.


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