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Round the Island 2017

30 June - 2 July 2017 A longer than usual blog entry covering 3 days away sailing Round the Island (without Elsa). Friday 30th June I got an early train to Portsmouth Harbour, then the Gosport Ferry, and around 1000 I met my friends from Arun YC who'd positioned themselves at Haslar Marina the previous day. I was going with Chris and Jenny aboard Remiga, a Mirage 37 ketch with a yellow hull. Other club members had sailed their boats round just for fun but not intending to compete. I'd sent my heavy bag of sailing clobber ahead on one such boat to avoid carrying it all on the train. It was a fine day with light winds and we were in no hurry so once we'd all assembled, Remiga's crew took some time to practice flying the spinnaker whilst safely tied up in the marina. Chris and Jenny, Chris's sister Debbie, my friends Stuart and another Debbie from Arun YC, and extra passenger Terry, left Haslar around 1100 to cross to Cowes. Remiga needs a decent wind to get g