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Too windy today

25 June 2017 The forecast for this weekend has been changing during the week, F4 up to F6, but as we arrived this morning it didn't look too bad. A westerly was blowing around F4-F5. New member Phil was with me today, nice chap, about the same age as me, with good experience and he was very handy around the boat hoisting the main etc. We rigged the first reef into the main before we backed out and once off the berth and into the river, we got the main up and set on its first reef and left the genoa rolled away while we motored out. Four boats went to sea and once we were past the harbour wall we found a very steady F5 from the west. F5 is higher than I usually venture out, but with two blokes aboard and a reefed sail it seemed worth a try. We left the genoa rolled up for a while as we got the hang of the conditions, a steady but strong wind and moderate swell, bright and clear and not cold. We took a few face-fulls as Elsa heeled and bashed through the sea. David set an unusu