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Good race today

29 June 2014 Four boats turned up for the cruiser race today. Wind was from the north, which is unusual, but it meant we had a fairly flat sea. Sunny with some cloud, no rain despite the forecast. Stuart and I set off about 1215 for the 1300 start. After my last-place finish last time we wanted to do better - we'd thought about the genoa car position, sail trim, heeling angles and suchlike. We took a bit of time in the river to get the main set well - the halyard as tight as it would go, the kicking strap well hauled down, we felt we'd got the thing just right for the F2 - F3 conditions. Once outside the harbour we unrolled the genoa and assessed the scene. The race officer had set up two buoys to represent a start line and controlled the race, 5 minutes, 4, 1, Start, from his own boat as he was competing as well. The north wind meant a downwind start out to sea and we were over the line within 20 seconds of the start time and one of the first away. The two faster boats q