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First race with Bay Leaf

21 July 2019 Big day at the yacht club as we hold the annual Dobson Memorial combined dinghy / cruiser race. Morgan came down, we also had my friend Janet, and a new member Roger appeared just as we were getting ready to leave. So we had four aboard. A decent steady F3-4 from the West and bright skies. The engine seems fine after we sorted out the thermostat and freshwater cooling, I knew the genoa sheets were a bit poor but worth going to sea. Hoping to keep up with the other Centaur, Free n Easy. Crew in good spirits. We got off the berth about 1.15pm and got the mainsail up then drove her out to sea amongst a crowd of other cruisers and several dinghies being towed out against the current by the club RIB. We tightened the main halyard as it was drooping as bit but once that was done the main set perfectly for the rest of the day. She's difficult to sail under main alone due to lack of drive so we unrolled 3/4 of the genoa and tacked up and down around the start area. Dingh