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A great pursuit race

2 August 2014 Smashing race today. Saturday afternoon, a bit of a brisk wind around F4 from the south, cloudy with a spot of rain at first but then bright sunshine. Four boats were there for the cruiser pursuit race - that's the one where we get different start times based on handicap, the race duration today was pre-set at 100 minutes, so at the end time you can look around and see where you've finished. Stuart came with me and we put the first reef in the mainsail before we set off knowing it was a bit blowy out at sea. The race officer had laid a start line between two marks and we all had our individual start times handed out at the pre-race briefing along with the course, we backed out of the berth about 1345 and pushed out to sea once we had the mainsail up. Free n Easy was the 'slowest' so first away at 1430, then Elsa (us) and Johanna with the same start time 1437, then the club president in his super-fast cruiser some time later at 1451. We were just a fe