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Winter 2019/20

5 Jan 2020 I didn't sail again after Barts Bash though spent a lot of time aboard. Still having trouble with the diesel system and unreliable starting. After much thought and much discussion with others at the club I decided that the best course of action was to get a new tank. Tek Tanks made one and shipped it to me, it looked beautiful and well labelled: Bay Leaf was craned out in mid November and sat nicely on some blocks of wood in the car park. I jetwashed and scraped the hull right away but the plan is to scrub and repaint the bottom in the Spring. Having pumped out the dodgy diesel I took it to the local tip where they happily took it off me. I got local marine engineer Lee to remove the old steel tank (which turned out to be full mostly of sludge) and my temporary tank system. He fitted the new tank and replaced the fuel line all the way to the engine, and I tipped in 10 litres of fresh diesel. Can't really test it all while she's ashore but hopefully it wi