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Summary of 2015

21 Dec 2015 Elsa is staying in the water this winter. I must have done a good job on the antifouling back in the spring as she seems to be quite clean underneath. I'm glad to be staying afloat as the November crane-out has been postponed several times due to high winds this autumn and as I write this, we're expecting to crane out in January. I've taken the sails off and stored them loosely rolled up inside the cabin. I took the rudder off as well as I was worried about it getting knocked during the crane-out movements. If the weather brightens up and we lose all these high winds I can quickly re-rig and go sailing! Going part time earlier this year has given me more time for sailing and I've done a few Thursday outings with various friends, as well as the usual weekend races. And one long cruise to Brighton including my first night afloat. Looking back at 2015, the log shows 21 outings and 184 NM travelled. That's a lot more than 2014!