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Cruiser race 29th May

29 May 2017 Single handed again today but with light winds I decided to go for the cruiser race. Only the fourth time out this year, and the first time out since the Owers Race a month ago. Some light rain after heavy thunderstorms last night but today the wind was variable light F1-2 mostly from the South. Five boats went to sea and I was pleased with my start around the middle of the group. The beat out to Omar took nearly an hour but the boat was going fairly well and the two Sea Wolfs behind me didn't catch up. Turning east for a reach towards Outfall heading into the tide, the wind chose that moment to fall away even more so another hour went past before I reached it. One of those Sea Wolfs managed to overtake me which was annoying! Much faster boats than Elsa so I was hoping to beat them on handicap anyway. Around Outfall and back to Omar this time with the tide helping me, about 20 mins later I was going around and headed back to harbour. Wary of the tidal stream I poi