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My first race of 2016

8 May 2016 A lovely day today, unseasonably warm and bright sunshine. Dominik and Charles were with me and eight boats put to sea for a race start at 1200. A steady F3-4 from the southeast meant a long beat out to the first mark, into the wind and into the tide, so it took us about an hour to get there and round the mark. We were near the back but not at the back, faster boats were well ahead but there were a couple behind us. On the way to the next mark at the Weather Station Charles brought out some home made Scotch eggs to fortify the crew as we dodged the lobster pots, and we found we had to short tack at the last moment as the tide was sweeping us too far west, but we got around the Weather Station in a controlled gybe then set on a long run back to the finish line, crossing it at 1 hr 48 mins elapsed time. Littlehampton seemed to be teeming with weekenders so we had lots of waving to do as we motor-sailed back up the river. Back on the berth soon after 2pm and in good