Ladies Race

3 Sept 2016

Three cruisers signed on for the Ladies Race on Saturday. Former member Dani was with Ron on Cabre, Georgia was on Elsa, and Lily-Beth Gibbs was at the helm of Ayella (their first race since arriving from Exeter last week). Colleagues in the training team had helpfully laid two sea marks as a start / finish line and the three cruisers set off into a SWly F4 and a moderate sea. 

On the long beat out to Omar, Cabre was ahead of Elsa, both with single reefed mainsails. Ayella was under genoa only and then retired. As the two remaining boats set off on a broad reach towards the weather station, Cabre noted that Elsa was overhauling them so they turned into wind for a couple of minutes to shake their reef out, which allowed Elsa to get ahead and around the weather station in first place. Positions were unchanged after a short closehauled leg back to Outfall but on the broad reach back to the finish line Cabre’s tactics began to pay off as she drew closer under full sail. 

However, for the first time ever, Elsa crossed the line first with Cabre 5 seconds behind. Cabre won the race on corrected time and all the crews agreed it had been an excellent race!

R7 - 3/9/16 at 13:00

Race officer Alistair Tyrrell
Start: R7, Finishes: Elapsed time, Wind dir: SW, Ave wind: F4
1CabreHunter Horizon 23130Dani McTernan0.7691;18;541;00;401.0
2ElsaSeal 22122Georgia Miles0.7971;18;491;02;492.0
3AyellaSea Wolf 26 twin9Lily-Beth Gibbs0.833DNF 4.0

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