No race today so we just went sailing

14 Sept 2014

James (my brother) was over from South Africa today and we turned up at AYC for lunch nd the expected cruiser race. I suspected beforehand that not many other crews would be around and it turned out we were the only ones!

After lunch and with HW at 1550 we got ready and set out about 1530. The mainsail still had one reef rigged from last time so we left it like that. Bit of a brisk wind, F3 to F4, and from the East. We got the main up in the river then drove out through a fair bit of chop at the harbour entrance. Stopping engine and unrolling the genoa we headed south on port tack. Bit of swell but very few white horses so it can't have been much above F3 though it did feel a bit more than that.

The tide was sweeping us west quite quickly so we tacked around, the wind was more SE so we were able to sail more or less parallel with the coast for a while in an easterly direction. We saw one or two other yachts out, exchanged polite conversation with a fisherman, and saw some jetskis off in the distance.

Taking it in turns on the helm we had good fun and I only had to assert skipper authority once or twice

After about 45 mins of tacking back and forth we decided to have a go at sailing back in. Rolling the genoa away and with an east - southeast wind we crept back up the river towards the sunny harbour of Littlehampton

Plenty of time to start the motor, drop the sail then turn back into the berth arriving just before 1700. About 90 mins at sea, sunshine, good breeze, great!


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